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“I’m not afraid to take the road less traveled. I’m not getting stuck doing things the traditional way.”
Rianka is a unicorn in the world of financial planning. As a successful experienced millennial, she offers a unique perspective on not only on the current state of the finance service industry, but on how to move the financial planning profession forward into the future.

If you aren’t the disrupter, you will be the disrupted.

Millennials, currently represented as ages 18 to 35, are more than 75 million strong and now represent the largest living cohort in history. To engage this generation, planners will have to be able to relate on their level. With there being more financial planners over the age of 70 than there are under the age of 30, this is a great opportunity for the profession to attract and reflect the melting pot generation. The disruptors are uncovering opportunities to improve by offering the next generation of financial planners a seat at the table to provide their input.

There are only 23% women CFP® professionals — the same number for the past 13 plus years. The number is even lower, in the single digits, when talking about the number of CFP® Professionals who are people of color. Rianka has a platform, and a responsibility, to show others that you can be a woman, a person of color, and have success in this profession.

Financial Planners, who are doing well and will do well in the future, are those who are leveraging the technology that has advanced the profession. As part of her forward-thinking mission to make financial planning accessible for young thriving professionals and entrepreneurs, Rianka launched Your Greatest Contribution (YGC), a virtual comprehensive fee-only financial planning firm. YGC employs a business model, which is 180 degrees from traditional, utilizing technology to meet the needs of her client base.

Don’t get tired of telling your story.

Financial planning is not just a job for Rianka - it is a calling and a responsibility to motivate and educate. Her passion for the profession stems from her love for her grandmother, who worked hard and struggled to make ends meet. She was always there for family and friends, but was denied her “golden years” because she couldn't afford to retire. Rianka witnessed firsthand what a lack of financial knowledge can do to individuals and the people they love.

Rianka’s interest in financial planning began when she took a personal finance course at Virginia Tech. With her newfound knowledge of credit scores, investing, and how intentional planning can impact your financial future, Rianka began her role as educator by giving her classmates financial guidance.

Realizing the breadth of personal finance knowledge she gained should be shared with all generations, not just those with a large nest egg, Rianka acquired an innate push to empower, educate, and inform.

Stand up and speak your own truth.

Her college experiences awoke a drive and ambition to earn her degree with a concentration in Financial Planning, leading her to work with financial planning firms, participate in numerous speaking engagements and panels, and start her own successful planning firm, all before the age of 30.

Rianka is a thought leader in the financial industry, published in Black Enterprise, CNBC, Financial Advisor, ThinkAdvisor, MarketWatch, US News & World Report, Women’s Health and many more. She also serves as a member of CNBC's Digital Financial Advisor Council, which consists of 20 high-level financial professionals that make investment terms and strategies more transparent and help investors navigate the multitude of complex investment options and strategies.

A strong advocate for young professionals, she served as 2016 National President of Financial Planning Association’s NexGen community, where she focused on the cultivation of the next generation of financial planners, volunteers annually with the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, and co-founded a mentorship program for women in financial planning at her Virginia Tech.

Through her leadership, contribution, and volunteerism within the financial service industry, Rianka has been recognized by Investment News as 2017 Women to Watch Rising Star and 2015 list of top “40 Under 40” financial services professionals, in Wealth Management and Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2016 list of top 10 CFP® certification holders in the country and more recently Wealth Management “Ten to Watch in 2018”, a group comprised of ten innovators and influencers set to change the industry in 2018. Additionally, Rianka has been published twice in the Journal of Financial Planning where she shared her research around cultural and wealth patterns of the millennial generation.

In April 2017, Rianka was chosen as a spokesperson for CFP Board Center for Financial Planning’s “I am a CFP® Pro” campaign. She serves as an advocate for the campaign with the goal of inspiring the next generation, specifically women and people of color, to consider financial planning as a career. In efforts to build a more diverse financial planning profession, Rianka also volunteers for the CFP Board Center as a member of the Center's Diversity Advisory Group.

Rianka is sought after by leading publications and organizations because she has the rare combination of drive, confidence, humility, and a desire for everyone she comes into contact with to be successful. Her warm, welcoming, and energetic demeanor completely diminishes the myth that financial planners just spend their time crunching numbers behind a keyboard.
More recently, Rianka launched 2050 Trailblazers, a digital podcast aimed to directly address the lack of diversity in the financial planning profession by engaging industry experts and leaders in conversation to encourage cultural awareness, cultural perspective, and ways to make a measurable impact.

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