Over the years, I've been asked to address concerns surrounding diversity and inclusion, and the lack thereof, in the financial services industry. As awareness of the financial planning profession continues to spread and we attract more ethnically diverse talent, the challenge continues to be retaining and supporting these thriving professionals.

We'll tackle these issues through 2050 Trailblazers-- my new podcast that directly addresses the lack of diversity in the financial planning profession by engaging industry experts and leaders in conversation to encourage cultural awareness, cultural perspective, and ways to make a measurable impact.
2050 Trailblazers

Ep 007: Embracing Your Identity in the Financial Planning Profession

When Justin Sullivan applied to be an “I am a CFP Pro” spokesman, he didn’t think much of it. He certainly didn’t think his application would be selected out of the sea of other qualified applicants. However, when he realized his application was accepted, he realized the importance of his new spokesman role held.

Justin’s path to becoming a finance professional started early. He knew that financial planning was his calling, and as a student he pushed to get involved with finance-related internships through the Inroads internship program. He knew that he wanted to have a respectable career path, and a challenging education experience. More than that, he knew what he wanted to do in his day-to-day after graduating:

He wanted to work with people, build relationships, and make a difference in the lives of his clients.

Justin took his CFP exam twice and passed on his second round. Now, he focuses on investment management, and continues to focus on building his expertise in the field. As someone who grew up without wealth, he felt as though he had to “learn” the world of high net worth individuals. When he first began his career, Justin felt insecure and worried that he wouldn’t find his place in the world of finance.

That’s why, when Justin was selected to be part of the I am a CFP Pro program, he felt strongly that his voice mattered. He knew that the financial space suffers from a lack of diversity. He also knew that when he started in finance, he wanted to assimilate, and that hindered him from being fully himself - and fully successful.

As part of the I am a CFP Pro program, Justin wants to represent his background, and he acts as a beacon to those from a similar background who may be feeling the same.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to step into the unique aspects of who you are to reach your full potential
  • How to embrace your background and heritage in the finance industry and within the financial planning profession
  • How to stand strong in your competence and skill and your identity
  • How you can live YOUR best life and encourage your clients to live THEIRS

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