"Rianka is a "Rising Star!" ~Investment News
On a mission to make financial planning accessible for young professionals and entrepreneurs,
Rianka R. Dorsainvil is already the CEO of her own financial planning firm and has been a go-to financial expert for the nation's top financial media outlets.
As a CFP Professional, Rianka can make a tangible impact on her client’s lives, maintain a work/life balance, and help advance the profession by building relationships with other financial planners at various stages in their careers. Visit to learn more about becoming a CFP® Pro and join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #CFPPro.
Rianka participated in an all-star panel discussion with financial journalist, author, and founder of the award-winning Winning Play$ financial education program, Stacey Tisdale, to talk about black women, feminism, and empowerment and change the conversation about black women from one of underdogs, to one of a story of resilience that all people, regardless of gender can learn from.
As part of the CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council, Rianka joins 19 other high-level financial professionals in providing straightforward, informative, and relevant insights and a frontline perspective on a multitude of complex investment options and strategies. In this video, Rianka discusses the four options for handling existing 401(k) plan savings for those who are changing jobs.
Natasha from TheGrio sat down with Rianka to talk about her background and passion for moving the financial planning industry forward, as well as share some key strategies on saving for those common big purchases, on creating healthy habits with your money, and that all important “B” word – Budget.

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Rianka is a go-to financial expert and is available for workshops, keynotes, and panel speaking events.
She is very enthusiastic about what she does, about her clients, and the profession. And I think that if we can just harness that and make more young people aware of the opportunities in financial planning-- that when we think of the issues with women, or millennials, and the drying up of the pipeline-- that that will not happen if we can get her in front of more young people.
She pours a 100% of her heart and soul into everything she does, and she always does it well. Rianka symbolizes the passion this next generation is going to have for moving the profession forward, and for doing it in a way that is forward thinking, and visionary and dedicated.
We’ve seen what she’s done with FPA NexGen already, we’ve seen what she’s done with her firm, which is really at the forefront of a business model that a lot of advisors haven’t thought about. I’m thrilled for her to receive this award, and I can’t wait to see how far she’s going to take us in this industry.
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